Uniquely configured and lightly modded Rust servers, backed by high-performance hardware, fast networks and competent administrators.

We love Rust as much as you, and we’re dedicated to providing a uniquely balanced environment that maintains progression without sacrificing your time.

The features and configurations outlined here are generally the same across our server platforms. Slight variances may exist at times as we are continually working toward finding an optimal balance that our players enjoy. More information is available on our FAQ page.

Balanced Maps

5x gather rate on map sizes between 2700-3200 with seeds that include Launch Site, Military Tunnels, Airport and Dome.


Monthly Wipe

We follow the Facepunch schedule for monthly resets and forced server wipes.

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Active Admins

Admins and moderators are available 24/7 through our website. QZRUST staff do not play on our servers.


No Radiation

Radiation disabled to allow players freedom to explore monuments and other areas of the map with added efficiency.



Economic system with redeemable items and account balances maintained across wipes.


Enhanced Loot

Loot tables have been balanced to make it easier to find key weapons, tools and components.


Lock-On Rockets

Destroy the Patrol Helicopter or Bradley APC with Smoke Rockets available from the in-game store.


No Base Decay

Players enjoy no base decay for the duration of the wipe cycle.



Enjoy up to 8 teleport spawn points to be used for easily traveling around large maps.



Safely exchange items with other players from anywhere, without meeting or leaving your base.

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Instantly craft most items without the lengthy delays associated with Vanilla servers.



Enjoy fast furnace smelting times for burning wood or refining metal and sulfur.

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Item Durability

Modifications to most items to reduce or alleviate the need for replacement or repair.


Construction Tools

Remove command and Enhanced Hammer make it easier to build and maintain bases.



Manage your gameplay experience with the enhanced server map on


Private Messaging

Exchange private messages with other players; full details available in our FAQ section.



Select from a range of player kits to help you get started learning blueprints and building bases.


Admin Base

Raid one or more loot-filled Admin Base facilities constructed during each wipe cycle.