Learn more about the range of plugins and configurations we’ve engineereed to enhance your experience on our Rust servers./p>

Our server configurations undergo minor tweaks every month as we aspire to create an interesting balance for our users.

How do Economics work?
We use the Economics plugin for Oxide/UMOD to award players with digital currency that can be traded with other users, or spent on items in our shop. To access the in-game store, use the /shop command in the chat window.
How does Teleportation work?
We use the N-Teleportation plugin for Oxide/UMOD to allow players to move more easily around large maps. To use teleportation, stand on a piece of foundation that you have created, and use the /home add homename command, changing “homename” to any word you’d like. To teleport to a home you’ve created, use the /home homename command. You may have up to 8 teleportation home locations on our servers.

You may also teleport to other players using the /tpr playername command. When a player wants to teleport to you, you will receive a notification on the screen informing you to use the /tpa command to accept.
How does Private Messaging work?
You can send Private Messages to other players using the following format, /pm playername message. Once an initial message has been sent or received, you can more easily communicate with that player using the following command, /r message.
How do Lock-On Rockets work?
Available through the in-game store, Smoke Rockets may be used to lock-on to helicopters and destroy them in a single shot. To use, simply load a smoke rocket into your launcher and aim at a helicopter for 3 seconds until the green locked-on indicator is displayed, then fire.
How does Trade work?
You can trade items with other players from anywhere on the map without having to meet or leave your base. To initiate a trade, use the /trade playername command. The player who receives your trade request will receive a notification on their screen to type /trade accept to being the trading process.

Once both parties have initiated a trade, a window will appear with slots for you to place items in. Both parties can see what items are being entered for trade, and each can hit an Accept button once they are satisfied with the contents.
How do I spawn a Chinook?
Players who have acquired enough digital currency may purchase a Chinook helicopter through the in-game store at a cost of $5 million. When purchasing a Chinook or other vehicle, they will spawn right in front of you the instant you press the purchase button. Make sure you are standing in a clear area, like a field, and not within your base, when you purchase any vehicle from the store.
What are Admin Bases?
Admin Bases are secured structures created by a QZRUST administrator for the sole purpose of being raided by our patron players. Admin Bases are heavily guarded and generally have extensive, Tier-3 loot, as well as items that cannot be purchased in the store, or otherwise acquired in the game any other way (such as green scientist suits).
How can I use your Rust:IO Map?
We highly recommend using our Rust:IO maps for enhancing your gameplay and understanding of our maps. These maps are useful for pinpointing your location on the map, as well as documenting airdrop locations and bases.


Do QZRUST servers have kits?
Our servers have a limited number of kits, generally tuned for enhancing specific gameplay needs, rather than helping players with PVP or progression. Given that we run modded 3x and 5x servers, we feel that PVP kits with firearms are rather OP. As of March, 2019, we offer a diving kit for exploring the waters surrounding our maps, and an electrician kit that allows players to access nearly all of the electrical system components.